Christin Willman 
Weatherization Training Team Leader
317-638-4232 ext 336
[email protected]


Chris Willman is a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Professional and the trainer for the Energy Auditor and Quality Control Inspector (Final Inspector) course.   


As a technical trainer for the Indiana Community Action Association (IN-CAA), Chris is part of an integrative team of building performance trainers in support of the Indiana Weatherization Program and similar weatherization programs across the country.

She is a:

  • Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified Building Analyst
  • Quality Control Inspector
  • BPI proctor
  • state-licensed lead inspector
  • lead-risk assessor.

She also specializes in a wide and comprehensive range of health and safety, combustion and shell topics for building analysts and technicians, including energy audits, building analysis, pressure diagnostics, combustion appliance zone (CAZ) trouble-shooting and building performance as it relates to realized energy savings.

Training Specialties

  • Overall Building Performance
  • Residential Energy Auditing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Daily Safety Test-Out Procedures
  • Lead-safe Weatherization
  • Moisture Assessment

IREC Accredited Courses

  • Quality Control Inspector
  • Energy Auditor